standard for high blood pressure

What is the standard for high blood pressure?

A new set of guidelines has been identified by institutions that specialize in hypertension . Therefore, since the severity is different from the standard so far, it is necessary to correctly understand the revised numbers. The newly created guidelines classify the level of hypertension into three stages. In the past, it was mild, moderate, and severe, but in the case of the name “mild”, the name “mild” was stopped because there were many people who were too late or left unattended.

Even if the degree is relatively light, the necessity of treatment is made easier to understand by clearly showing that treatment is necessary for everything. What is called a normal high is the level that you must be careful about when you are getting high blood pressure. It is said to be a so-called reserve army, but the name of the reserve army has changed because there are many who have no sense of crisis. There is something called systolic hypertension , but it refers to a state in which only the blood pressure in the systolic phase is high.

Humans tend to feel secure when their values ​​are within normal limits.
However, there is a high possibility that myocardial infarction and stroke will be caused even if it is normal high or normal. Looking at the actual published incidence, it is said that the optimal blood pressure in the guidelines is the most likely to suffer from a stroke. For these reasons, in recent years it has been said that it is better to keep life as low as possible.

Therefore, it has been announced that it is necessary to take measures to reduce the chance of eating meat by switching to a diet centered on vegetables as much as possible. It is important to understand the correct standards above all.

Leaving high blood pressure can easily cause complications

Hypertension is a particularly common lifestyle-related disease, and people who are fed up with high blood pressure at the time of a health check are often seen. However, it is also true that there are many people who sweetly think that “ something bad will not happen because of high blood pressure ”, which causes it to miss the timing to start treatment if it was originally, resulting in a major illness There are so many people. Symptoms such as migraine and stiff shoulders are often seen as subjective symptoms, but there are many people who do not face seriously, and migraines can be relieved with drugs, but it is best to improve fundamental high blood pressure is.

Then, why you should not leave high blood pressure is important, “High blood pressure = stressing blood vessels” . In the first place, the blood vessels of the human body have the ability to flexibly change their shape according to blood pressure. The blood vessels in a healthy body are very flexible, so even if your blood pressure increases somewhat, it won’t break suddenly. However, because the state of high blood pressure continues, it means that a strong load is always applied to the blood vessel, so it is possible that a blood vessel that should be flexible and not torn can be torn. is.

If the symptoms of this blood vessel breaking occur in the brain, it will result in cerebral hemorrhage, and fortunately even if the blood vessel wound is closed without any accident after it breaks, there is a blood scab called a thrombus Things will be made. This blood clot is also very horrible, and if a blood clot that falls off gets on the blood and goes around the body, it can block important blood vessels.
If this happens in the blood vessels of the heart, it will be myocardial infarction, if it occurs in the brain, it will be cerebral infarction, and it will be a serious matter related to life. The most terrible thing is cerebral infarction. Fortunately, even if you have saved your life, you may have sequelae in your brain, which can severely limit your life. There are many drugs that lower blood pressure, and amlodipine increases blood flow and lowers blood pressure. Leaving high blood pressure is the same as causing illness, so if you are diagnosed with high blood pressure during a medical checkup, you should start treatment immediately. ”

Methods for improving the pathology described in the guidelines for hypertension

If you have high blood pressure, even if you are a healthy person, even symptoms that you can get over will be an obstacle and you may be suffering from a serious medical condition. Therefore, it is necessary to respond appropriately when hypertension is diagnosed. If you are careful with your meals, you should be especially careful when eating out. In the menu that is served by eating out, the amount of salt is higher than that of self-cooking and the intake of vegetables tends to decrease.

The most preferable is to continue living by yourself, but if you have to eat out, choose a menu with as little salt as possible and try to keep balance by ordering additional salads and side dishes. please. When selecting noodles, it is necessary to take measures such as not drinking the soup and fried foods. When cooking, try to incorporate ingredients that can actively lower your blood pressure. In particular, garlic, olive oil, shellfish, burdock and vinegar are said to have a good effect on the prevention of hypertension.

By consciously taking it in, there is no worsening of the condition than the current situation. Secondly, the guidelines on high blood pressure state that it is necessary not only to restrict diet but also to move the body moderately to improve it . In fact, it is said that blood pressure can be lowered by taking moderate exercise and paying attention to meals if it is not serious. Exercise increases cardiopulmonary function, which improves blood circulation and improves disease conditions. However, if you have high blood pressure, anaerobic exercises such as push-ups that require momentary force may be counterproductive. Introduce anaerobic exercises such as cycling and walking.

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